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Such a question is asked by a newcomer, who for the first time attended to the question of choice. SSH clients are not fundamentally different. Usually, this is a simple command line window interface. The difference is only in the additional settings and interface of the program. Let’s get down to business and start a brief overview of the most popular programs.

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SSH-clients for Windows – programs and online – add-ons

PuTTY is a client for connecting to SSH, Telnet, SCP, SFTP.

PuTTY is probably one of the most popular SSH clients for Windows. It is popular for its functionality, speed of work, ease of use. And it’s free! Download this client and install it.

In the start welcome window, you can immediately enter all the connection parameters, start the connection and immediately get to work. You can save this connection for the future so that you do not re-enter all the data each time. It’s comfortable.

The official website of the program is


WinSCP is another fairly popular client program. Using it, you can establish an encrypted connection to the FTP server of a remote machine by tunneling traffic through the putty SSH authorized keys.


It works fast. The interface is similar to PuTTY. Nothing supernatural, so it will not be difficult to deal with the connection. All the same: host, port, username and password – all that is required for connecting and further managing the server’s file structure.

The official website of the program is


Xshell is a free for non-commercial use client.


Advantages of the program: support for local commands, file management and tunneling. It has a simple command interface. In addition to the SSH protocol, there are others that are supported: RLOGIN, SFTP, TELNET, SERIAL. For professional users, there are a lot of additional settings: dynamic port forwarding, script support, tracing, security configuration features.

SSH is a network application. Most often used for remote control of the operating system. Using this protocol, TCP tunneling is also created. Convenient in that it encrypts all traffic, including passwords. Uses various encryption algorithms. SSH servers and SSH clients exist under any OS and are widely distributed. In this article we consider the most popular programs for different operating systems.

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What is an SSH client and what is it for?

As a rule, the administrator already has an SSH server installed on the server machines, in order to be able to remotely administer this machine. Therefore, in order to carry out this process, we need only an SSH client to connect remotely to the server. At the same time, it doesn’t matter on which OS the server or client is installed. We consider all the most popular solutions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.