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Creating a Firefox SOCKS proxy using Putty SSH tunnel

Sometimes information or communication channels are useful to encrypt. Kamrain had a good overview of the cipher book, which provides examples of what encryption might be needed for. We are not spies, but even us, ordinary users, encryption can be useful.

Nowadays, no one is surprised by the fact that, sitting over a cup of coffee in a cafe, you can browse your favorite sites, receive mail and chat with friends in your favorite IM. Free Wi-Fi has become an integral part of the life of a business person. It is convenient, it is fast with any device with a Wi-Fi module, you can go online in almost any eatery. But let’s, sitting in a cafe, look around. And we will see a lot of people who, like us, use the same Wi-Fi. Someone is working, someone is uploading photos to the social network, someone is watching the stock price. And someone at this moment with the help of the most ordinary laptop or smartphone to intercept all traffic passing through the access point in the cafe.

Imagine that you are sending a magazine layout, or a design document, or a copy of your diploma. Your file travels via radio waves to an access point installed in a cafe, and then by wire to a mail server or file server. Similarly, when you go to the site of your favorite browser game, you get traffic over the wires to the access point, and then over the wave to your mobile device. The most vulnerable point in this system is the radio wave, because not only are you connected to this shared data transmission medium. If the attacker aims to intercept your traffic, then the easiest way for him to connect to the same access point as you. In cryptography, such an attack is called the Man in the middle. It looks like paranoia (who needs the pages I’m looking at?), But alas, even for our bearish angle, this problem is already relevant. An attacker could be a hacker, who then passes the passwords you used to mail or social network to spammers. They may be an employee of special services, which for some reason you are interested in or who simply monitor traffic for extremist, terrorist and other dangerous phenomena. In the end, they may be someone like me who collects such information for self-study.