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Copy (client) all content from folder1 to cpfolder2, option —ignore-existing suggests to ignore already copied files. The option —delete will delete files in the destination folder cpfolder2 if any files are suddenly added changed in it or in the folder from where the files are copied. Thus, we make a mirror from the folder1 folder in the cpfolder2 folder. We set the task to kroons and get a mirror from the folder1 folder in the cpfolder2 folder

rsync -r –ignore-existing –delete folder1 cpfolder2

Backup remote data copy between two shells (ssh) rsync

rsync -avz -e “ssh -p54332” ./Dropbox root backup Copies the local Dropbox folder with all its contents to the remote server on which ssh hangs on port 54332 to the remote folder root backup.

rsync -avz -e “ssh -p54332” var lib root temp

– Copies from the remote server (port 54332) the folder / var / lib to the local c in thefolder / root / temp

Rsync options:

-a archivemode, when used, replaces several keys (-rlptgoD)

-r recursively. Copies all files, including subdirectories

-l when copying saves symbolic links

-p retains file permissions

-t saves file modification time

-g saves a group of files

-o preserves file ownership (works only as root)

-D saves device files and special files.

-v shows file name when copying

-z file compression when copying

-e ssh to use when copying ssh

—Progress shows copy progress

—Bwlimit = KBPS limits file transfer rate


ps – display your current active processes

ps -aux – output all processes (from the root)

top – show all running processes

kill pid – kill a process with id pid

killall proc – kill all processes with the name proc

bg – list of stopped and background tasks; continue execution of the stopped task in the background

fg – bring to the fore the latest tasks

fg n – bring task n to the fore