The brand is known especially for the Burberry men's outerwear. Looking at the fashion house's coat, the men's style according to English fashion house is a combination of classic cut and high quality materials. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry fashion company still attracts fans of Shakespeare's homeland fashion. Famous Burberry's check, shuffled directly from the catwalks to the streets all over the world, classic elegance and fantastic reputation make Burberry men's shirts extremely attractive to fashion lovers.


Burberry: island splendour

Founded by Thomas Burberry fashion house is the one we owe to today's vision of English luxury for men - classic cuts, fitted forms and playing with elegance. Although the Burberry brand appeared on the market in 1856, interest in the British designs is not diminishing. The Heritage, cult trench of Burberry's designers, Burberry perfume for men, men's shirts, Burberry men’s polo do adore and the accessories have become a part of the luxurious and timeless fashion canons. The brand has also found a place in pop culture. Humphrey Bogart in the Burberry coat still thrills fans of Casablanca movie!

Burberry men’s mac – the men canon

In Burberry's designs, men's coats are placed on the fashionable timeline next to the 19th century military overcoats. The famous Heritage, made of wool and gabardine, enriched with an unusual, checked lining, attracts with its timeless cut. Especially that the outwear of Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, the Burberry coat, has changed the world of men fashion.

Burberry Men – your style in the city jungle

In addition to the double-breasted trenches and elegant 3/4 length coats, Burberry offers also men outwear in more casual style. Burberry designers without any problems fit men's jackets into the reality of contemporary fashion. For example, leather wind-cheaters and bomber jackets can be found here. In Burberry, men's jacket is treated as a piece of art, so among the numerous brand offers one will find a jacket with metal accessories inspired by Henry Moore's.

British fashion house accessories still en vogue

Famous for their belts and wallets British designers, should be also appreciated for their exclusive accessories. Men's watches offered by Burberry will complete everyday outfit and indicate the right way on fashion crossroads. Especially due to the fact, that Burberry treats men's watches as an attribute of every gentleman. Buy yourself a charming Burberry men's shirt, enjoy timeless elegance and Burberry men’s sale